Integrity Selling® for Service Professionals (ISSP)

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training methodology influences attitudes and beliefs about selling and supports the consistent application of positive, customer-focused behaviors. Grounded in strong values and ethics, Integrity Selling for Service Professionals embodies the following elements:

• A needs-focused selling system – AID, Inc.
• A simple Behavior Styles language
• A seven-week follow-up course with accountability for application
• Principles-based content – easily accepted and applied
• Learning dynamics that affect attitudes, beliefs, and skills
• A managers coaching component

Integrity Selling for Service Professionals is typically led by certified in-house facilitators, or Integrity’s facilitators are available upon request.


The objective of ISSP is to support the consistent application of customer-focused sales and service behaviors, which occurs through time lapse, repetition, and positive reinforcement. To accomplish this, participants are introduced to the key components of the course in one-day introductory seminar.

Customer focused behaviors are reinforced through a highly structured seven-week follow-up course, where participants are accountable to report on how they applied the course principles. These one-hour modules can be delivered by teleconference, meeting, or blended learning. Six ongoing monthly Performance Accelerator sessions help keep the skills alive.
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