Workshops & Programs

Workshops & Programs

Managing Goal Achievement® is a dynamic curriculum that increases productivity and achievement drive. Participants are introduced to a 5-step Goal Achievement System that helps them work through
What they are and how they affect our thinking; Understanding our own mental paradigm; Expanding our own mental paradigm, to increase

There's more to selling style than you think. Four-factor "personality" grids - the norm in many popular sales assessments - don't tell the whole story. Instead of trying to force-fit yourself into somebody else's mold, why not get some

Integrity Service® is a comprehensive service skills training course which becomes the framework for a customer focused culture. Exceptional customer service involves attitudes, values, and beliefs as well as skills. Simply teaching service skills
Integrity Coaching® is a developmental process that builds managers into strong leaders and coaches while giving them the knowledge, skills and tools to increase their people’s performance.
Value Based Prospecting Workshop™ One-Day Workshop that provides Business-to-Business Sales Executives with new Tools to set
Integrity Selling for Service Professionals (ISSP) is a values-driven training solution that bridges the gap between service and sales. A unique
Integrity Selling® is a comprehensive 3 1/2 day ethics and values-based sales development process that redefines selling as an activity of identifying and filling wants or needs and

The only training program in the world specifically engineered to help overcome career-limiting emotions due to sales/call reluctance®. The only training program in the world specifically

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