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Linda Grimes

Co-Founder | Sales Manager

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In the Beginning

In 1987 Bill and Linda started Bill Grimes and Associates, Inc. Having been raised on a farm surprisingly helped Linda in leading the company as CEO and #1 salesperson for Behavioral Sciences Research Press, the world’s leading authority on Sales Call Reluctance.

The hard work on the farm as well as her training as a school teacher made Bill Grimes and Associates the world’s #1 leading distributor for Dudley and Goodson’s SPQ*GOLD® profile and Fear Free Prospecting and Self Promotion Workshop®.

A Gold Standard

Here is what renowned author George Dudley said about Linda.

“I’ve been evaluating and scientifically studying salespeople since the mid 1970’s. During that time I have had repeated access to many of the best salespeople in the world. In my judgment, Linda Grimes not only belongs in that elite group, but as one of the best-of-the-best, she’s its gold standard. Organizations wishing to work with a knowledgeable, experienced, and effective sales consultant who sincerely enjoys helping sales management guide their salespeople to top tier status, can do no better than Linda Grimes. She is an authentic sales superstar who does not have to flamboyantly draw attention to either her character or her accomplishments. Her professional conduct and exemplary production speak for themselves.”

The company remains today as the predominant resource for overcoming the mental and emotional barriers that hold salespeople back. Through Linda’s leadership and guidance what was a struggling training and consultant firm is now a multi-million dollar company.


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